The Goodness Company Team

A marketing agency is only as good as the success it creates for its customers. The Goodness Company is proud of our impressive team of dynamic healthcare marketing professionals.  Our goal is to uncover the unique selling proposition of each client and to market their strengths with creativity and tenacity, providing exceptional return on their investment.

Our work resonates with truth, grit and human emotion. It succeeds where others fail. Meet the people behind our success.

Patrick Goodness
Patrick Goodness, principal
Patrick Goodness is one of the most recognized names in the global healthcare and medical marketing industry.  Healthcare organizations from around the world rely on Patrick for insightful marketing consultation and marketing planning services.  

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Terri Goodness
terri goodness, principal
chief creative officer
Fresh ideas, inspiring design and innovative marketing solutions have made The Goodness Company a leader in global healthcare marketing. Terri Goodness is the creative force behind the company’s success as a creative marketing powerhouse.

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Vayolla Quiros
Vayolla Quirós,
Client Services
The Goodness Company is fortunate to have Vayolla in Client Services. She brings drive and passion to our office, along with a commitment to understanding our clients and delivering attentive, personal service. With her insight and perfectionist attitude, she is able to offer tremendous service and support to The Goodness Company's clients and team members.

Darlene Troik
Darlene Troik,
Office Administrator
Darlene is our Wisconsin Rapids Office Administrator. She joined The Goodness Company in December 2011.

Darlene is very experienced in the day-to-day management of business and brings a strong organizational perspective to everything she does.

Gustavo León
Gustavo León,
Print and Web Designer
Gustavo brings enthusiasm and a love of great design to The Goodness Company. Consistently learning and developing his portfolio, Gustavo approaches each day as an opportunity to bring new ideas to fruition for each of our clients. He enjoys incorporating the creative use of colors, textures and fonts in his work, along with a strong eye for detail.

Joctan Rodriguez
Joctan Rodríguez,
Print and Web Designer
Joctan has been designing and developing websites and other interactive projects with The Goodness Company since May 2013. Since studying design and multimedia in Costa Rica, he has spent his time with us honing his skills in design for the web, development, and delivering successful projects to happy clients.

Dennis Aguilar
Dennis Aguilar,
SEO, Web Developer
Dennis has many years of experience in web development and SEO. In his opinion, search engine optimization(SEO) was just as important as development in ensuring a website’s success. Driven by the challenge of creating results, Dennis strives to implement effective and strategic SEO and SEM tactics for all our clients.

Forrest Geiger
Forrest Geiger,
SEO Analyst
Forrest comes to The Goodness Company with 16 years of experience in optimizing websites for high search engine results, having placed many clients on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords. As an SEO analyst, having seen monumental changes over the years, he stays abreast of the latest and ongoing fluctuations to Google’s algorithm, then coordinates and oversees the construction and technical aspects of Goodness web sites to make sure they are in compliance.

Harold Brenes
Harold Brenes,
Journalist / Copywriter
Harold has spent more than 23 years working in all forms of the media – print, radio and television. Along the way, he has written extensively on national politics, foreign affairs, finance, constitutional law, health, the environment, and energy. Harold specializes in reporting to inform. He covers many topic for The Goodness Company and our clients with care and attention to detail that has become his calling card. For ten years Harold worked for La Nación, the most important newspaper in Costa Rica, he not only worked as an editor in sections of National, Sports, Events and International but served as an Editor of Regional Content. One television he was director of Informativo Uno, a news program issued through Tele Uno of San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica, channel with national coverage. Harold is also a member of World Medical Guides and World Dental Guides, frequently writing about health and dental issues.

Dr. Adriana Chaves
Dr. Adriana Chaves,
International Patient Coordinator
Dr. Adriana has a professional background in dentistry having earned a degree in Dentistry. She has passed the National Board Dental Examination in the United States and earned the title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Adriana speaks both English and Spanish fluently. She joined The Goodness Company in 2014 and the insight and knowledge she gained as a dentist has helped her understand international patients better. "My work is focused on the care and benefit of our international patients. I believe in constantly reaching out to both patients and doctors to discuss how we can work together to enhance our patients’ experience and to always move forward in improving their care."

Rosa María Flores
Rosa María Flores,
Marketing Advisor
Rosa María Flores represents The Goodness Company as a Marketing Advisor in our Guatemala office. In addition to business and marketing development, Rosa is a Mexico City-trained graphic designer with experience in advertising, marketing, psychology and business administration. She began her career in leading Mexico City design studios and advertising agencies. In 1993, Rosa moved to Guatemala City, where she has become a recognized name in advertising, brand strategy and brand development, creating memorable solutions for local and multinational clients. Rosa is a seasoned marketing professional, with demonstrated excellence in project management and creative marketing solutions. The Goodness Company was pleased to welcome Rosa to our team in 2015, to serve the needs of our growing client base in Guatemala and the region.