What Turns a Domestic Patient into a Medical Tourist?

What Turns a Domestic Patient into a Medical Tourist
The medical travel and medical tourism industries are growing. To benefit from these industries, a hospital or medical provider must develop a clear and concise marketing campaign to attract these traveling patients. Competition in health care has increased due to the growing number of entrants into this space and because the process of educating and motivating a patient to leave home for medical care goes against the natural urge for people to receive their health care close to home.

Why Are People Adverse to Medical Travel?

Medical travel is based on the need for affordable health care. In general terms, your life and your health are the most important things in your life. You can’t enjoy life’s other benefits of life if you’re ill, in pain or wracked with disease. You can’t plan for the future if you’re not sure you have a future. More importantly, if you have children or other people who depend on you, it would be irresponsible to neglect your health and risk leaving them with no support. That’s why most people are typically conservative about care for our health. We understand how important our health is and we do what we can to protect it.

We humans are creatures of habits. That which we “know” gives us comfort. When it comes to our lives and health, we are generally not willing to take risks. That’s generally why most people do not consider looking outside of their home country for medical care. For many, the savings gained through medical tourism is often not a good enough reason for risking getting a procedure in a different country, especially if they’ve never been there or if they don’t speak the language. Despite the financial savings, the psychological barriers may be too great to allow a potential traveler to pick up the phone and make arrangements. As a hospital or medical provider, what can you do to fight this understanding?

The Difference Medical Travel Marketing Makes

Medical travel marketing rooted in education is important because it helps patients overcome psychological barriers by providing them the essential tools to make the medical travel decision: education and assurance, an abundance of assurance.

A successful medical travel marketing campaign shows your hospital or health center as a place that is safe and trustworthy. It makes one feel that he or she is welcome, among friends that can be trusted and that everything is going to be ok. It shows that language, currency, eating and getting there are not going to be a problem. But most importantly, it shows that the quality of medical care will be equal to the quality they would expect back home.

When your marketing makes both the psychological and financial hurdles vanish or seem diminished, THAT is the moment when it is possible to transform a domestic patient into a medical tourist. The Goodness Company helps our clients break down barriers by marketing that educates and generates confidence.

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