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Renowned Healthcare Marketing Expert Patrick Goodness Leads UNLV Medical Tourism Marketing Workshop

Patrick GoodnessLas Vegas, Nevada — Las Vegas HEALS and the University of Nevada Las Vegas are proud to announce that global medical tourism authority and speaker, Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company: Global Healthcare Marketing, will present a half-day Medical Tourism Marketing Workshop on Friday, November 8th, 2013 at the University of Las Vegas campus.

The workshop is designed to provide local Las Vegas healthcare providers with key information about how their healthcare organizations and practices can target, attract and grow the burgeoning international patient market. The workshop will include the basics medical tourism marketing, including how to attract international patients, the basics of healthcare relationship marketing, positioning your facility for success in the international market, multi-cultural marketing and medical tourism branding.

Medical tourism is a growth industry that offers a significant opportunity for U.S. healthcare providers. “With an estimated eight million patients traveling cross-border worldwide every year, each spending thousands on not just medical care, but transportation, accommodations, etc., we’re talking about a marketplace that easily generates $24 to $40 billion annually. Effective marketing can make a significant difference for those regions and providers seeking to capture a share,” says Goodness.

Doug Geinzer, CEO of the sponsoring organization, Las Vegas HEALS (Health, Education, Advocacy, Leadership of Southern Nevada), is enthused about the upcoming medical tourism marketing workshop featuring Patrick Goodness. “We look forward to having Patrick Goodness share his deep understanding of the medical tourism market with our membership. I have followed Patrick’s work in the medical tourism marketing space for the past few years and was fortunate enough to see him present at the World Medical Tourism Congress last year in Miami. He understands the business better than most, and there is a lot that Las Vegas medical providers can learn from Patrick. Partners like Patrick Goodness will help us position Las Vegas as the most globally recognized destination for health and wellness travel.”

As a leading voice in medical tourism marketing, Goodness has lectured at key healthcare and medical tourism events around the world. Goodness will also deliver a medical tourism marketing workshop, titled “Ten Digital Marketing Strategies to Attract More Patients” at the 6th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, November 5, 2013 in Las Vegas. “Las Vegas has long been considered one of the strongest entertainment and travel brands in the world. Las Vegas is now approaching medical tourism with the same zeal and a strategic plan to become a dominant global medical tourism destination,” says Goodness.

Scheduled to follow the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress being held in Las Vegas earlier in the week, the medical tourism marketing workshop meets at the UNLV Stan Fulton Building and runs from 8:00 am to noon. The $25 cost includes a continental breakfast. This event is by invitation only. Advanced registration is required. To be included on the invitation list, please contact Doug Geinzer, CEO of Las Vegas HEALS.

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