Medical Tourism Marketing in the Bahamas

Medical Tourism Marketing in the Bahamas

Medical Tourism Marketing: Making a Difference in the Bahamas Health Care Industry

The Bahamas is becoming a popular destination for medical tourists who are looking for quality care at affordable prices. The country is specifically attractive to Americans and Canadians, who can take a short flight, receive their medical care, and then recover on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

In today’s global economy, such a success doesn’t occur by happenstance. It requires commitment. The Bahamas health care industry has shown its commitment by building the infrastructure, training its brightest students at the best medical schools, coaching its staff how to treat international patients so that they feel reassured and truly welcome, and by investing in the most modern medical equipment available.

However, being excellent at what you do is not enough. You have to be able to reach potential patients and promote your services in ways that they find understandable and helpful. Awareness doesn’t just happen. It must be generated.

Since doctors and hospital directors dedicate themselves fully to their professions, the best solution is to engage marketing expertise to help your organization generate awareness. Top health organizations know this. This is why the prestigious Bahamas Medical Center is working with The Goodness Company, leaders in medical tourism marketing to present their healthcare services to the international healthcare marketplace.

Remember, promoting healthcare services for one organization has a halo effect for all the others in that country or region. Before long people begin to associate the Bahamas with healthcare. Eventually the Bahamas may begin to occupy a “top of mind” status when people think about cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery or even orthopedic surgery. The Goodness Company, and their team of medical tourism marketing professionals continues to help the Bahamas healthcare industry achieve these goals.

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Bahamas Medical Center from The Goodness Company.

Giving Access to an International Market

For the Bahamas medical care industry, the United States and Canada were obvious markets, but it’s not always that simple. A qualified medical tourism marketing agency can help identify not only primary national markets, but specific demographic groups as well.

Even after selecting your target market, there are many questions that need to be asked and answered to develop a strong medical tourism marketing campaign. The Goodness Company has helped the Bahamas Medical Center save time and improve their processes by having the experience and knowledge to ask and answer the questions that matter. What are the top target cities to promote Bahamas medical tourism? Is public relations an important part of medical tourism marketing? What are the benefits of relationship marketing for medical tourism success? The answers to these and hundreds more medical tourism marketing questions are critical for success. Experience and knowledge count. The Goodness Company has the answers and the experience to provide clients with a clear competitive advantage in the medical tourism marketplace.

Custom Medical Tourism Marketing Strategies

Marketing is much more than advertisements and commercials. It requires a planned, coherent strategy that will work in the short, medium and long term.

A marketing strategy for medical tourism involves many complex inter-related aspects: marketplace positioning, branding, prices and payments (form, currency and time), authoritative information about services and procedures, delivery of services, promotions, marketing channels, effective web and media presence, tracking of effectiveness, etc. The Goodness Company has helped the Bahamas Medical Center develop a strategy that works.

Translating Your Concept Culturally

Different cultures have different values and different ways of approaching healthcare. What is normal in one culture can be taboo or offensive in another. Since 1994, The Goodness Company has been developing global healthcare marketing solutions. Over the years, the medical tourism marketing team at The Goodness Company has come to understand many of the differences and valuable similarities between cultures in target markets. For example, The Goodness Company helped The Bahamas Center team understand the value and attraction of their warm island approach to personal and friendly healthcare. It is this attribute and approach to patient service that makes American and Canadian customers feel comfortable and reassured.

Even the best of hospitals and clinics can’t do it all alone. It takes teamwork with an experienced marketing agency that has a commitment to success in marketing medical tourism. The Goodness Company has demonstrated that commitment as a leading global healthcare marketing agency. We welcome the opportunity to discover what makes your program different and better and to help you successful market your healthcare brand to the world.

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